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I've done it to four different cars of mine over the years. Two were 80's Nissan Sentras, a '93 Toyota Paseo, and an '80 Datsun 210 wagon. It is a lot of work, but I enjoy projects like these. There has never been any fabrication involved, since all of these cars were available with manuals and have all of the holes already there to mount the parts. Most importantly, I've always started with complete manual trans parts cars. This way you'll have all the parts you need. I would never consider the swap without a parts car. Parts hunting would take way too much time and effort.

I may have another manual swap on the horizon. My '00 Mazda Protege is an auto and I've got a five speed parts car in the back yard waiting to donate it's parts. Only this time, I'll only do the swap if the auto trans fails. Modern automatics are SO much better than the old three speed slush pumps of yesterday. The beauty of having a parts car around [with a complete manual trans setup in it] is that I have no worries at all of something going wrong with my Protege's auto trans. I pulse and glide all I want, worry free.
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