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Ya, her learning stick just isn't going to happen. She pretty much refuses to. With out even trying she says she can't. so oh well.

I'm not going to gut it, as I have to pick up my 3 y/o daughter daily. and I'll actually have a little bit of added weight in the form of a stereo system, nothing major, prolly 30 lbs total.

For tire size, I bought some aftermarket aluminum 15" wheels from a fox body pony with some 205/60/15s on them from craigslist. They are about a 1/2 inch overall diameter bigger. But they are a bit wider which will increase rolling resistance a little. They are a lil less than half tread so when I replace them, I'll go a different size. I'm also installing a tach, to help monitor engine speed. Every vehicle I've had has had one, be it either factory or added in. and I know it sounds like that thing is screaming 3k rpms going down the highway, which it prolly is.

I've also modded the intake hose from the air box to the fender, the stock one is really choked down, so I opened it up with a straight tube, that should help a little bit. I didn't want to put a filter right on the end of the mass air meter since then I'd be sucking in all hot air and that makes it worse. at some point I may go with an open filter element like that, but it will be enclosed in a sealed and insulated box that is fed fresh outside air.

And I know speed is killer on the mileage on these cars. I noticed that before I parked it in Dec when it ran out of inspection. Plus the old motor was so tired and wore out, had 220k miles on it, it was just bad on gas all around. it was down to around 16 MPG. The motor and trans I just swapped in was from a 90k mile car, it's much more powerful, and runs much smoother. So it should do a good bit better on fuel too.

Here is a pic from today of the car. Should be legal and road ready in the next few weeks.

I guess I'm mostly interest in the aeromods. But then also some engine, exhaust mods too that could help mileage also. But this whole car is a budget build. I have around $550 in the rebuilding of it, which includes the tow dolly rental for bringing the parts car home that I got the engine/trans/suspension from. And grand total invested is less than $1k since wifey bought it in Y2K including the purchase price of $326 which included tax and tags too.

so overall it's been a really good, cheep lil car. We wouldn't ahve gotten anything for it to sell it, and I couldn't have bought a car as nice as what this is turning out to be for what I've got into it.
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