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Originally Posted by Old Tele man View Post
...from what I'm hearing from you (taredog) and Ricketts, it's sounding like a case of "GOOD, BAD & UGLY"...meaning, yes it works (sometimes), but not easily (compared with SGII) and has problems.

...a blunt question: do you think it was 'worth' $100? The Auto Meter 9100 ecometer cost me about $75 (cost+s/h), but I'd say (to me) it's probably really only WORTH about $50 because of the short-comings I've encountered. What's your take on the Maxi-Trip?
Now that I am over my whining about losing yet another reply, time to get back on topic.

I have only owned the maxitrip for a little over a week. Based on what I have found out about the SGII it sounds like they are not really the same animal. Close but SG appears to have a lot more features. If I had never heard of the scanguage I probably would be satisfied with maxitrip for $100.

It is plug and play except for a few calibrations. It would be nice to be able to customize the displays more. I am disappointed in the fact it will not do “current trip MPG average” (average since the vehicle was last started) as I think for me that would be valuable. In the “trip today” (since the clock registered mid night) mode it will not display current MPG but does display average MPG since mid night.

In the “gauge” function area you cannot display any FE info which I would like to see along with TPS and LOD.

I have not tried the USB function other than to plug it in and seeing if the software that comes with it will recognize it is there. I have yet to plug it in to a lap top while it is hooked up to the OBD port. Maybe Ricketts has done more with that?

I have not experienced the heat problem again, but it's only been a week and I have only used it to/from work. In the cool of the morning it's only in the low 90s in the garage and the sun isn't even up yet. In the afternoon the truck has been parked under a canopy all day with the windows down about ½ inch so it isn't all that hot inside, probably not over 120/125.. Nice to have the covered parking perk and a secured parking area!

If I were experiencing Rickett's problems with the lock up I would definitely say no way on the maxitrip. I am inclined to say to spend $30 US more and buy a scan gauge through JC Whitney. A lot more is known about it.

As far as the “current MPG” reading not going to max when coasting in drive, I am not sure my truck's fuel injectors do shut off. That needs more research. Maybe a 60 mile road trip to Sunset Point. Coming back down Black Canyon with it's 10 mile 1500 foot elevation change oughta tell me if the maxitrip will ever read 9999.
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