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taredog -

Originally Posted by taredog View Post
Sorry, mixing subjects on the thread, just frustrated.

Yes I have checked the "remember me" box. It does not remember me and windows doesn't offer to remember the password. Maybe it"s a local problem with my browser. I just have to give ecomodder my undivided attention when posting.

As far as my "cryptic" comment, a lot of replies here make assumptions that everyone knows what the author is talking about. It can take a lot of time and searching to get the answer for those of us who don't know. Sometimes the answer can't be found. On the other hand, I hate to ask questions that have been answered before.
Rats. I was hoping the remember function was the issue, .

Everyone's different. I usually break out the acronyms like AFR (Air/Fuel Ratio) because I assume there is a lurker that doesn't know anything about cars (aka me pre-2006, and I still don't know much today). If you have a question and the search option doesn't address it, then ask away.



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