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well her Escape is just fine most of the time. She only works about 5 miles from home, so the mileage on it isn't much of a concern. and its our primary family vehicle. The sole purpose of this tempo is to take place of my truck for may daily driving duties since it's so bad, even being stick, and I work father from home, about 11 miles but deal with heavy traffic. it would also be a back up if for some reason she wouldn't be able to drive the escape, like if it were down for service, or in for state inspection and emissions testing.

Though I would love to get a hold of a 2 door Tempo GLS 5spd, I don't really need another car. I have a 98 SVT Contour also that will be a project next year. so that will probably end up being my primary drive once it's finished. But it needs a fair amount of work and $$$ thrown at it. Plus I still have not found out if I can get the title transferred into my name from the prior owner since he's supposedly in jail and I have no contact info for him.
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