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I remember the tempos. there is a means to approach hypermile and gain power. ford did somethng slob with it. I learned this in high school when they were new..several of us wondered how 2.3 liters in a lightweight car could suck down that much and not even be powerful.

I cannot remember the exacts, but EGR removal was step one, do away with it entirely (if it even has it), then after that the cold air intake games we all play, top end heat rising, etc, etc..and I believe it has a crazy resonator tryin to battle convertor chemistry. you may have blown apart your exhaust already. This is all a generational think, I have a japanese subaru from the same time realm that got the same treatment as mentioned...and doubled fuel mileage, no surprise. have fun with it after simplifying.
I also remember this car for amazing longevity, for the engine anyway.
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