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Originally Posted by taredog View Post
I have not tried the USB function other than to plug it in and seeing if the software that comes with it will recognize it is there. I have yet to plug it in to a lap top while it is hooked up to the OBD port. Maybe Ricketts has done more with that?

As far as the “current MPG” reading not going to max when coasting in drive, I am not sure my truck's fuel injectors do shut off. That needs more research. Maybe a 60 mile road trip to Sunset Point. Coming back down Black Canyon with it's 10 mile 1500 foot elevation change oughta tell me if the maxitrip will ever read 9999.
I never actually tried the USB connection, so I'm no help to anyone there.

taredog, my Ford Ranger VERY seldom ever shut the injectors off. From what I read an automatic will only shut off its injectors when in torque converter lockup (but my wife's Venza seems to do it quite often, and its an auto). The only time mine would shut off is when I was coasting down a steep hill over 50mph. I don't know anyone with a manual Ranger to compare to.

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