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oscilloscope for automotive use

I'm looking to buy a used oscilloscope mainly for electronics and automotive use. I work mainly with power electronics and as such, I have decided that 100MHz would be enough. But I'm not very familiar with oscilloscopes in automotive use. What bandwidth would I need? I'm under the impression that about the only things in automobiles that operate above 50MHz are the radio circuits for remote control, entertainment, and radar cruise control (none of which I would likely have to work on), but are there any others? Are there any other things to keep in mind about oscilloscopes for automotive use apart from the high voltage probe for ignition testing and magnetic sensor for measuring current?

As of current, I can get a Philips PM3365 (2 channel, 100MHz, does not include probes, works great but has signs of wear) for $80 or a Tektronix 2465 (4 channel, 300MHz, includes 4 probes, excellent condition) for $350. Are either of these good deals? Which one should I go with? I'm thinking about the $80 Philips since it is cheap and is enough for what I'm currently using it for. But would the $350 Tektronix be a better choice in the long term?

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