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Calibrating the 2010 Power Bar (ECO mode)


Last night was too overcast to watch the meteor show so I took a couple of runs up Brindley Mountain with our Garmin GPS to get more hybrid system indicator (HSI) energy display data. In particular, I wanted to check the 75% and 100%, Eco band points:

NOTE: the clear cover causes a parallax error from the 8", cell phone camera. From the driver's head position, the yellow electrician tape markers look right.

I ran two climbs holding either 100% of the Eco bar or 75% and got these results:

The 100% Eco mode, 23.4 hp, came pretty close to my earlier, flat-land acceleration test. The 75% level was off, 15.3 vs. 12.8 hp, but I knew my earlier acceleration tests were somewhat dependent upon a few samples over a short interval. I have good confidence in the 15.3 value.

I have the data in a spreadsheet if there is any interest in seeing how I did

Because this was a new procedure, I failed to record the fuel consumption rate. I'll have to go back and repeat it. However, at 100% of Eco bar, the car went up at an average of 35 mph (56 kph) but only 25 mph (40 kph) at 75%. The posted speed limit is 65 mph (104 kph) so it needs to be done when there is little traffic about and with the safety blinkers flashing. I am very uneasy about trying 50%, Eco bar power.

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