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Great vid...and love the music too! Good to finally see Doc Willie in person (or by video anyway)...have followed his exploits quite a bit.

I understand the vid was a basic pulse and glide tutorial and I'll only add one nugget that might bear even higher mpg. Depending on terrain I sometimes will pulse to 42...let the engine braking take it under 41 where ICE shuts off and then neutral coast down a hill to 45-50 mph. This eliminates engine braking and extends the coast by as much as 25-50% vs. dragging the mph down using engine braking.

The other opinion on neutral coasting is that it does not allow for regen to the battery which is essential to keep SOC high enough to drive in ICE efficiently when needed. I only using neutral coasting/EV mode when I know that my use of it will not significantly drain the battery and also that the upcoming route and use of ICE will effectively regen the battery.

I do not use neutral coast all of the time (like in stop and go traffic when some braking/ICE coasting can be used to charge the battery) but I do like to use it when I know I can recoup the energy loss without causing ICE to overwork when it is needed. At 60-70% SOC I have no qualms about using neutral coast for a stretch of road (preferably downhill when others would generally use ICE coast and not glide as far as me).

Just my two cents!
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