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Help me get 4 100lb bad AGM batteries from Buffalo NY to Weston WI

I am hoping to find someone that does a lot of driving back and forth so I can lower the shipping costs to as close to nill as possible, hopefully.

Hopefully mspradz holds onto her 4 proprietary Miles chinaman AGM batteries long enough in the mean time for me to get an economical shipping setup.

Anyway she has 4 Miles ZX40 150ahr chinese agm batteries in a custom chinese size, all bad, I was able to recover 2 of the 4 bad batteries in my miles and hope to do the same for her set should I be able to get them here for much less than the $100 it normally would cost.

Anyone in NY willing to load some HD batteries and figure out who to pass them onto to get them back here in WIsconsin?

The closer we can get them to wisconsin, the cheaper the freight will be to me.

Oh, and I move between Oshkosh and Wausau/Weston a lot so I can pickup nearby as well. Also next week I will be in Escanaba MI if that helps

Any Ideas How I might pull this off?
Ryan May

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