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you can also use an inductive current probe
like the Fluke 80i110 or other offerings .
one place to get them is at

they output 10mv per amp or 100mv per amp so you need to do the math to see what you have , inductive current probes can measure hi current values without damaging the DVOM or DSO.

another way is
obtain a 1 ohm 10 watt resistor from radio shack , connect it in series with the load to be measured
connect the DVOM across the 1 ohm resistor, using ohms law E=IR
voltage equals resistance multiplied by current , but resistance will be 1 so therefore voltage will equal current .

so set the meter to DC volts and the value read will be the current measured .
with high loads , the resistor will pop , but test quickly and it works .

1 ohm resistors are much cheaper than fuses for fluke DVOMs .
.................................................. ...................
fuel pump current s for the main pump and transfer pump using two inductive current probes and Pico 6 .
the fuel Pumps are bad.
a DVOM would show average current if connected to either inductive current probe ... not as valuable a measurement

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