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I found that the Philips was already sold. However, I also found a Tektronix 7834 (2 channel with memory, 400MHz, no probes but has 2 input and 2 timing modules, works but controls need cleaning) for $150 (negotiable). Is $150 a good deal for that? (I think so, but I wasn't able to buy it on the spot since the seller was away at the time and it was someone else at the site who showed me it.)

When I initially read the specs, I thought it was going to be too heavy for automotive use, but when I actually looked at it today, it really isn't that heavy. Turns out the 100lb weight cited on one site was *including* the steel cart! (I have to admit that it'd be pretty funny to say that your oscilloscope weighs more than Hannah Tucker...) The scope itself is only about 20lb.
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