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I mounted my home made chin spoiler and taped the edges a few days ago. Then I mounted my "economy" wheel/tire package [155/80R13's]. Afterwards I put it up on blocks [yes I know cement blocks aren't safe - don't try this at home ] to gain access to the entire undercarriage. Then I began to fabricate the forward belly pan section.

I completed the main portion of the belly pan last night. Lot's of time and energy went into it, but the result is quite nice. The header collector hangs down lower than anything else under the car. I knew this going in, so I had to decide whether to work around it and allow the exhaust system to be exposed, or lower the entire belly pan and close it in completely. I measured the height of the bottom of the chin spoiler to the floor and it was the same 4.5 inches as the height of the header collector. So I decided to enclose the exhaust system in and have a perfectly flat belly pan front to back.

I used aluminum tubing to space the pan to clear the header and pipe. I did not drill any holes in the car at all. I pressed plastic anchor bushings into pre-existing holes in the bottom of the frame rails. I used thin aluminum sheets [cut from food catering trays] as a heat sheild under the exhaust system. Not pretty but it should work fine and you won't be able to see it when this the side skirts are installed.

Today I will fabricate the side skirts to close it all up. The rear of the pan slipped nicely under the rear valance panel. Again, there were no holes drilled in the car at all for this project. That's why it took a bit more time to do. I had to get creative to preserve the integrity of the car. I will try to get some finished pics tomorrow, but a black pan will be very hard to photograph. The bottom of the car is now about 4 inches lower than before, but completely smooth and flat. Does anyone have any comment or suggestions regarding this? Do you think sacrificing some frontal area for a smooth consistent belly pan was the best choice? It is not the lowest part of the undercarriage. It is even with the chin spoiler.


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