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Originally Posted by SVOboy View Post
Is that one big aluminum sheet? I've been thinking of doing that expect I was planning on drilling the frame rails for it. Hmm...

Looks good though
Thanks Ben,

No, it's actually a black 4' x 8' sheet of Choroplast. It took two sheets to do the car. I got them locally for $15 each. Well it's actually $20 a sheet but I chatted with the sign shop owner and described what I was using them for. Then the price dropped a bit.

I'm a little concerned about the need for providing an exit for the radiator and exhaust heat. Remember, by closing off the bottom of the car, I've also closed off the normal escape point of the underhood cooling air [between the frame rails along both sides of the engine]. My logic is that this cooling air from the radiator must be able to flow through or it will back up and the engine will overheat], not to mention adding unwanted aero drag. I will cut some large slots into the rear of the belly pan to [hopefully] solve this issue. I'm sure the floor temp will rise in the car with this mod, and as the windows will be up tight for best aero, it's a good thing that I am bringing a cooler with cold towels as my "air conditioning".

Now if only I could find a 3/4 scale Plymouth Superbird nose for the front.
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