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So I finally got some fuel numbers:

The first time I filled up the pump acted funny, didn't shut off when it was supposed to, so I think it overfilled it some (gas actually spilled out some)

So I knew the first number would be low, so I did a combined average of two tanks initially.

32.4 MPG for a two tank average.

I just filled up again on friday and 36.1 MPG for that tank.

My previous top tank was around 35 MPG, all highway miles. This current tank was a bit more mixed, so it would seem to be a definite improvement.

When I get sometime I plan on painting them. There are also a couple of modest tweaks that I want to do to how it is shaped by the attachment points that may slightly improve airflow. The trailing edge on one side isn't quite flush all around. I also think that the bottom edge should be attached to the support bracket. This will slightly reduce frontal area and prevent the metal from fluttering (I suspect this, but it might now, it's fairly stiff)
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