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So I know this group buy is closed, but you mentioned knowing someone who made pass through harness adapters for 70 bucks, and that's a good bit cheaper than Rywire and Xenocron Tuning who both offer the same product for 110 bucks.

I'd much rather pay 70 and be able to remap my harness from the comfort of my kitchen table instead of upside down in the passenger footwell of my 94 civic CX. Even guys who aren't 6'-4" like I am could appreciate the comfort (and reversability) of this type of part.

Could you all be of any help?

EDIT: Not that it really matters, but just to be thorough, I found another company who sells them for 160... locash racing. Any old school "hybrid" tuners will remember this guy from back before hybrid meant gas + electric.

EDIT 2: And the lowest I could find is this place for 74 bucks Can this price be beaten?

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