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I was out over the weekend running errands. It was probably around 110F. I don't pay attention anymore.

I stopped just long enough to fill the tank and when I restarted, maxitrip did not come on. Don't know how hot the maxi trip got but it was in the sun due to the angle I was parked at.

The next day, similar temps, I took a thermometer and put the maxitrip on the dash in the sun while in a store. When I returned the temp on the dash was 143F and the maxitrip did not come on. It started immediately after unplugging and plugging in the RJ-45. Next stop I put the maxitrip back on the steering column where it normally lives and stuck the thermometer next to it. 113F when I came back and when I started the engine it came on. Not as bad as the problems Ricketts has reported, but still a cause for concern about quality.

Once again my Nuvi 370 was stuck on the windscreen during all this and kept ticking away. Never realized I was abusing it so!

This morning I decided to get back to the "Vehicle Black Box" function. This function does not appear to save any MPG info, just time and distance and speed stuff. At that time I discovered the clock was about 26 hours slow. Likely a result of the heat/restarts. Then I discovered that following the instructions for resetting the "trips" in VBB doesn't work. It was time to go to work so I haven't messed with it any more.

Bottom line? Save the extra money for a scanguage. This thing is buggy.

I gotta check out amazon's return policy.
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