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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
Doesn't the Camry hybrid already qualify on that front?

Interestingly, Canadians Prius sales have never even come close (on a per capita basis) to the US - for some reason, we buy far more Camry hybrids. I've yet to see a Canadian-plated 3rd gen Prius on the road. But Camry hybrids are a fairly regular sight (if you remember to look for the little badge).
I guess it would, wouldn't it? Although, the Camry doesn't cover the "subsidy" end of the spectrum, even though the Prius (Pious, haha) wasn't really ever prohibitively expensive either.

I think at this point, the Prius carries a stigma of stupid drivers who know nothing about how cars work, or fuel efficient driving, and they're staring at that stupid screen, causing accidents and such. That's got to be affecting the sales of the Prius... not that it SHOULD, but it will, and you know it. Especially given the attitude of Americans - It's not our fault, blame the car's safety rating!
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