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Super MPGuino?

I'm pretty sure I already know that it will, but I don't want to drop thirty five extra bucks and find out "Hey, you're an idiot!" later.

So, because of my circumstances, I need a speedometer a little bit more than mpg gauge. Because of this, I don't really want to use the standard MPGuino. I'm not sure if anybody has built an mpguino with an Arduino Mega, but I think I might. I'm planning on using the graphic 128x64 screen. I know that's going to use up more memory, part of the reason why I want to use the Mega.

Now, besides the dedicated speedometer, I figure I'll have some room for something else. Suggestions?

Would a multi-injector input improve accuracy?

I know this also rather delves from the idea of the Mpguino, but would there possibly be room to add a twin axis accelerometer if I had the Arduino Mega and have it display on the screen? More or less like this one. There might be some way that I could have it tell when I'm going up/down hills and put that into a note or something. That or when there is extreme acceleration or braking. I could use a tilt sensor, but I would rather the accelerometer.

If there's room with the Mega, I could possibly save up and get an sd card adaptor thingy and have it log my mpg with time and date stamps. Record record mpg for trip, lowest mpg for trip, average for trip, maximum distance for maximum/average/minimum mpg with full tank, etc. A few more random features that could be recorded to sd card so I can be nit picky and stuff.

I know that skelly has a thread up about modifications that s/he has done to their Mpguino, but considering I'm not even a novice at coding, I think it's a good idea to ask for some opinions/input.

And yes, I know I can buy one pre-assembled, but to tell the truth, I love tinkering, and would much rather do this in my own way, despite how complex the entire thing may be.

I suck at coding! Woo!

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