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Check out the photo albums in my profile, as I already have done some mods.

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My stealth kill switch is one I want to post a thread for, but I have not had time to take it all apart and take pictures. I mounted my normal-closed / momentary-open switch in the center console so that pressing on the release button on the e-brake lever activates the switch to kill the injectors. There is a small realease pawl in the handle that engages teeth on the lever mechanism to keep the handle up. When the handle is in the down position, the pawl moves down enough that it activates the switch I mounted under it. Being a MTX, I EOC and bump start as much as I can. If I do it right, people riding with me don't even know I shut the engine off or restarted it.

I might try rear skirts, but I want to keep my ride looking good too. Besides being a computer tech, I am a licensed aircraft mechanic and have experience with composites, so I may try fiberglass and foam. Need a warm air intake too, but as you know, under the hood it appears there is no easy way to do it.

Keep up the good work guys!

Go team!
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