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wikityler - Yeah, I'm a n00b. I hope by gpio you mean pins (something something I/O?), and if so, then yeah, that's what I'm after. I'm hoping to add a lot of stuff to this, mostly gauge cluster related.

dcb - The multiple injectors was just an idea I threw out. If it would help make the gauging even more accurate, why not? But if it's not going to make much of a difference, who cares. I could possibly see the need of something like this on a V-8 that has the cylinder shutoff, but i'm assuming that would require a lot of code tweaking and a lot of vehicle-specific engine data.

I'm aware that the atmega 1280 is different, but wouldn't the coding still work so long as I adjusted the pin numbers as needed? Please correct me if i'm wrong, but I thought the code was exactly the same for all Arduinos.

I figure what I'll do is have the screen and a needle sweep so I can use the mpg gauge seperately. Or something.
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