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Originally Posted by basjoos View Post
I certainly hope they don't drop the speed limits down to 60mph. That would cramp my style on the downhill coasts where I can be hitting 70 to 80 mph (you can gain speed fast with a low Cd) and where now I can just blend in with the high speed traffic. I'm usually doing 60 to 70mph on the flats and 50 to 60mph on the uphills (depending on traffic).
i thought of you (in a good way) when i said that, but i am not concerned about the low Cd's. just the flying barn doors. you may have to make one of your back axle stubs live and couple an alternator to it to charge your battery and run your accessories, water pump, fans,etc...

"Psst: my dad is thinking of trading in his Intrepid for a used Jetta diesel. Shhh don't jinx it!"
which has the better CdA?

"That's what it will come down to, probably via prices"
the yards here are advertising on the radio, $175/ton for scrape cars, the big boats are going to market.

"My opinion: when oil prices get high enough, other energy sources will come into play, and energy costs will plateau. Then we'll know the real price of energy, as opposed to just pumping it out of the ground and burning it."

Did you know that the distillers grain left after the ethanol is removed is a higher protein animal feed than the orginal corn they started with. so it can still fulfill its original purpose as feed after distillation. the feed is a byproduct. No one talks about that very much.

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