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Thanks Matt,

In my signature, you can see my EVAlbum page that has most of the details you are looking for.

I have been collecting parts for almost a year. Assembled it in 4 days. Added small things like amp meter, relays for reverse, etc after that. Still working on the (dumb) charger I have to make it automatic. Bits and pieces here and there... but right now I can use it to do errands.

Cost was around 4k-5k including car and battery. Labor, I did all the labor and adaptor plate and coupler. Range is 16 miles on 50% DOD. I dont intend to go lower than that. Its the voltage sag I am worried about.

No highways for me since I can only do 40-45 mph on this one. Limitation on the controller/volts. 72 volt controller on 84 volts. And any slight uphill is taxing my speed and amps.

I intend to go higher voltage as soon as Paul is ready with his awesome controller.

Parting out my EV.
ES-31C D&D Motor
Alltrax 7245 Controller
Paul & Sabrina's Controller (never used)
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