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Originally Posted by Xen2050 View Post
Maybe they were thinking ahead by putting in the usb port & getting ready to release the "updates" to the stable software, hope so!

I think while I was playing with it, one time it went to "sleep" and wouldn't wake up without unplugging it, so maybe it's not heat related at all. But I think that was after I turned the car key "on" to wake it up, then turned it off & took out the key completely (Toyota's send power to the OBD2 port all the time apparently)

The manual does have a section on calibrating it to your true vehicle speed, says use a GPS and adjust it until it reads the true speed you're moving, has examples for tires & gears that would be 30% off... on page 14/15 of the PDF manual online. I'd assume scangauge has a similar adjustment for similar tire/ratio changes, but I don't know.
"The adjustment does not affect the vehicle speedometer or
odometer readings, but the auto computer indicated speed
and distance only."
Thanks X but been there, done that. The speed tracks my GPS fairly well. The mileage is still way low, about 30%. I think it's a problem. About 30% is close to the difference between miles/kilometers so maybe it is confused. (yeah, I know .625 which is 37.5%, I said about) It has corrected the speed by about 1MPH but the distance travelled is still way off. I have checked everything in the set up/trip/fillup modes and I think it is a program problem and basically the Maxitrip needs work. A POS in other words.
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