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Well, my feeling on sheet metal bolted to the car is, it will look better left its natural color, because I think it'd be pretty hard to paint it in the right way to keep it from fading, or peeling, and looking like crap. (this is of course, just my opinion; I already have a bare sheet metal theme going on Car, heh)

But even then, the material's so flexible that even if painted correctly I would worry about it cracking and chipping due to flex. I guess latex paint or something would flex rather than break, but I don't know how that would hold up in the sun, etc.

Too many variables for me to worry about, but I suppose it couldn't hurt to experiment. Only took you three minutes to snip one of those out now that you have the form, and it's not a whole lot of material.

Oh, and I was meaning to ask you... I got some gorilla tape, and I had pinking shears in my possession, but they wouldn't cut the tape cleanly enough to make turbulators. It kept sticking and gumming up. I even tried putting the tape in the freezer for a while to increase its brittleness, but it still wouldn't cut well for me. Did you have samurai grade shears on you? Or maybe older tape?
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