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Intermittent problem w/ Ignition - 89 Metro LSI

My 89 Geo Metro LSI is having intermittent ignition problems. By intermitant I mean that sometimes when I turn the key the starter turns over the engine, and sometimes it doesn't.

I pulled off the plastic around the steering column today and took a peek. Blew everything out with the ol' compressor. Everything looks solid under there. There is some play in the wheel when it's locked... but otherwise the whole assembly under there appears solid.

I got it to NOT start and turned the key a couple times. I can hear the starter engaging (makes a click noise)... it's just not turning the engine. I'm not sure yet, exactly, what I do to get it to start. I lock the wheel, turn it back and forth, clutch in and out, key in and out, whatever. Seems kind of random but eventually I can get the starter to turn the engine over.

Any thoughts on what the problem might be. I'm not sure how to pinpoint the issue in order to resolve the problem.


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