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2009 bed measurements.

Hey Big Dave,

Looks like my cab height is about 22 inches above the bed rail. The width of the bed, just behind the cab is about 73 inches. Lenght of bed from just behind cab to end of tailgate at center line is about 83 inches.

The Super Dutys are just bigger trucks. They have to move alot more air too. I am very suprised at the good fuel economy the the new 2009 F-150 is getting, about 20 mpg with no lid! I still think 25 mpg may be reached after installation of the aerodynamic cap.

Yes Bicycle Bob fiberglass is very easy to copy. Most people who design a body or shape out of fiberglass file for a Design Patent. I hope the Utility Patent I have filed for should allow some legal protection. In addition to the aerodynamic shape of the top increasing fuel efficiency of the host truck, my patent includes the pop up camper aspect of the product also.

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