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I've repaired and rebuilt many of those Honda engines in the past. I'd do a compression and leak down test first to see if you have any leaky valves, rings or other problems. If all is OK then I'd investigate the loose pulley. As another writer mentioned it may be just the pulley. And worst case you may be able to find a good usable crank.
Each journal on the crank has a color code. The bearings are color coded and they should match. So when you get replacement crank and rod bearings get the proper color coded ones. If you get a replacement crank then the mid-range replacement bearings will probably do fine.
A leaking seal can also be signs of bad crank thrust washers. Push and pull on the crank to see what kind of play it has. If it moves enough that you can see it move then pull the pan and check the washers. Is the car a manual trans? If yes then the thrust washers wear out when someone rides the clutch and put pressure on the crank and thrust washers all the time.
I bought an old piece of farm machinery a few years ago and it turned out to have the same problem. A loose pulley on the crankshaft. It turned out to be a worn crankshaft and pulley. They had worn out together. The shaft was splined. I bought some shim stock and then carefully cut out pieces to "shim up" the crank and the pulley. The pieces were glued in with crazy glue. The pulley was test fit probably a couple hundred times until the fit was quite good and ran true. It was re-assembled and has has been running fine for several years now.
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