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biggy boy -

Originally Posted by biggy boy View Post
Hi guys
I too have a Maxitrip AKA Maxicrap
I got mine at Princess Auto about two weeks ago.
I am finding the same problems with distance being to low.
And the current trip litres per 100 KM average is the same as the total.

Do you think if we use the English setting (MPG) instead of the metric settings
the mileage would read out correctly?

This thing is driving me nuts! I'm thinking of returning it and getting a Scanguage II.
I have sent two Emails to the manufacture Via there website, instructing them of the problems and asked when they will be releasing an update. I have not heard back from the MF's yet. The first Email was sent a week ago.

Welcome to EM!

For the ScanGauge, people have speculated that defaults should be entered in the unit with the better "granularity" in order to help the accuracy of the ScanGauge. This usually(?) means metric input. For instance, liters are smaller than gallons, so inputting the size of the gas tank in liters gives the Scangauge a more accurate default value.

Internally, it's a safe bet that the programming is metric. When the user setting is in English units, that just means the metric values are being converted for display.



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