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I'm glad I noticed this thread. I just recently started pulling the clutch in going down hills or approaching stops at times when I would have just let the engine brake previously, and it has produced a small but noticeable improvement in FE. From a strictly financial standpoint it's probably not worth it if it results in increased wear to the throwout bearing (which I would have to learn how to repair as I'm not yet familiar with my bike's internals). But I also like the idea of less pollution, and I know that engine braking means lots of unburned hydrocarbons coming out the tailpipes. The problem with my bike is that it has very short gearing. I can descend a 7% grade in 5th gear and not exceed 40 mph. I'm already half way to the redline at about 55 mph. Time to get a manual and see how hard a throwout bearing is to change. Incidentally, would a throwout bearing failure be sudden and crippling, or something that could gradually get worse and not leave you stranded?

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