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Da Truck - '91 Dodge D150
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Hi From Winnipeg

First post- enjoy the site and all the info.

I have a 1991 Dodge D150, 3.9l 3 speed auto. Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Mods so far:

-antenna delete
-warm air intake
-1/2 grill block
-plastic flushmount cover on headlights
-removed rear bumper, replaced with smaller wood bumper (stock bumper hung out on the sides)
-coroplast fairing off top/back of cab
-higher pressure on tires
-flush wheel covers (chrome "beauty rings" with coroplast siliconed on)
-replaced large side mirrors with some smaller streamlined ones
-rear wheel well covers
-tried the alternator delete by loosening alternator and tying off belts but check engine light would come on at highway speeds (fuel injection issue?). I have gone back to alternator for now.
-wiper blade delete (weather permitting)
-partial box cover (back 2/3)

The whole thing is flat black with the black coroplast- has a definite "Mad Max" theme going on.

Planned mods:
-front air dam
-remove rain gutters
-boat tail back (remove tailgate, fair in using coroplast)

I have gone from 19 mpg to 23 mpg (based on last tank only- unfortun ately (fortunately?), I don't put on lots of miles....). Note: those are imp. gallons, not U.S.


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