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DPoV's Jeepin' Build Thread

So I've decided to finally make a thread where I can put all of my mods together into one package. I've thought about it, and since the latest forum activity has brought many Jeeps and trucks, and I've been trying new things out for my enjoyment, I thought I'd be good to post this all together, so others with large vehicles can take Ideas and run with their own mods. Please note though, that this thread will be based around the ZJ, and more detailed towards the 93'-95' ZJ's because their front grille and bumper is slightly different, but those with 96'-98' ZJ can compensate. Note, Picture dates are incorrect.

First thing I decided to do, was to take off the roof racks. I decided that I'm never gonna use them until I get a designated driving vehicle so I can make this a weekend Project Jeep, and add a light rack for some deer blinding disaster lights... I mean lights for night riding.

Before, it looked like any SUV with roof racks... it had... well.. roof racks.

(ah, back in the day, when the headlights were slightly cloudy... summer 06')
Well, I decided since the paint was coming off of them, that I'd better take them off and repaint them for later use, and roll without the racks for a while.

What you wanna do, is get a torx screw driver bit. Jeeps tend to have a lot of these, so if you already own one, you probably have a set. Take the screws out, and remove the racks. You might have to shake the screws out of them. Taking the racks apart can be tricky, but that's mostly cause the buttons haven't moved in ages. I'd screw them back on the roof if I were you, the holes in the roof might lead to rust and water coming inside. Although I can't confirm that part.

It should look something like this...

Make sure that you get them on there nice and good, to ensure moisture doesn't get in there.

One thing to make note of, is that the paint under the racks is most likely faded. What your going to wanna do is wash that up real good, and take wax or clear coat to it. that will protect it from impending sun and mud damage.

Next, We'll look at blocking off the grille. (so that this post isn't a nightmarish long post )


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