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MOSFET ordering

Hi All,

Friday I ordered a complete kit for the Power PCB, and was also told by Digikey that the MOSFET's would not be shipped out to me until the beginning of January 2010 too.

I am donating a Power PCB kit to Adam for him to test out his new heatsink mounted Power PCB layout design.

I used the same source for the MOSFET’s (IRFP4668PBF) that Paul recommended which did have them in-stock. It was the manufacture “International Rectifier” through their online store. The cost of the MOSFETS was $6.00 each plus a shipping & handling fee.

I will also look for direct replacement MOSFET’s and Diodes parts that are pin compatible with the existing parts. I will post them if and when I find them. IXYS Corp. manufactures alot of MOSFET which my work, and are also availibe through Digikey.


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