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FS: 91 Civic HB Parts car (NO TITLE!) $350

This is for Christ (who has first dibs on this sale), but also for any other interested buyers. The car is in Binghamton NY. I bought this car for my EV conversion without the title - speaking to the previous owner I have no reason to believe the car was stolen. After learning what a nightmare it is to get another title in New York State, I've decided to explore the option of selling the car to someone who doesn't need a title. I will NOT acquire a title for the buyer. If I were so inclined to spend a little over $200 for a new title, I wouldn't be selling the car.

As for things that would concern those interested in this car functioning with the ICE, it purportedly needs a new distributor. It also needs CV axles and radius rods. All of these things are included with the car in addition to a number of other internal engine parts including a throttle body. All of these are shown in the picture(s). It currently has a weird exhaust setup - a muffler (definitely not a honda muffler) is mounted to the underside of the car about halfway down its length. It looks weird but probably works. The actual honda muffler is still mounted in the back, but isn't hooked up.





Under the driver^

Despite the evidently loose interior seals, this sunroof definitely does not leak. I'm pretty sure it's not stock since this is a DX.

Christ was telling me this could be an Si because of the sunroof, but digit 8 tells us otherwise.

PS - if anyone but Christ buys this, I intend to return the radius rods to him, since he gave them to me. I should've taken a photo, but as it is now, there is one missing from the front driver's side, and the other is only connected at one end. I'm assuming this is the case because it lacks CV axles, and the rods were probably removed to remove the original CV axles to put the new ones (included with the car) on.


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