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Cleaned out the EGR port through the head.............

Piston tops came out nice. The rest of the carbon will be removed with a kitchen teaspoon and then I will rotate the crank to bring each one up, remove carbon, and used compressed air to clean around the sides of the pistons on low pressure, but since I'm dropping the pan, I might just go ahead and re-ring it............

Tomorrow, I need to bring my cutting wheel to hack the darn exhaust downpipe bolts. The heads are totally rounded off and I will have better luck cutting, extracting, and re-installing. I will also swap out the 2 bad tires with a good pair I took off of my Metro. I still have to get those lifters apart and cleaned and clean up the intake valves. I am getting stainless steel exhaust valves from 3Tech and they should arrive shortly.
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