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I do!

I had 13x odyssey pc1750 (75ah) in my datsun 240z EV project. Best AGMs you can buy, IMHO. They could dish out more than my motor/controller could handle (even at 1000A) so it seemed like a waste of high power AGMs. I remember during the testing phase I went up to a parking lot and did launch after launch, burnout after burnout, stopping only because my motor started to smoke. Went home and they were measuring 12.6v each....barely in need of charging.

Now the same 13x oddysey AGMs are going into my 1952 Ford F-1 project with a 1800A controller and 13" motor. Still 3 years left on the warranty, so they will be getting a serious workout.

They can put out some serious amperage, but they can also take huge charging currents. >100A charging isn't a problem, if you can find the power to do it. With a PFC50 w/ buck upgrade (75a) charging from a 240 line you can go from 20% to 90% SOC in less than an hour.

Though if I was buying new batteries right now I'd be buying LiFePO4. Thundersky/Sky energy for a commuter/cruiser or A123/Headway for a racer. The power/weight can't be beat.
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