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Originally Posted by Ryland View Post
Their momentary output is high but their sustained output is low, so it's like comparing the puring capabilities of a milk jug to a soup bowl, sure one can empty it's self faster but the other holds more, those little batteries are designed for momentary high outputs, and if you don't charge them back up right away they tend to be dead for good, so unless they found some way to cram more amp hours (not cold cranking amps) in to a lead acid battery... they are pretty much worthless for an EV.
You obviously don't have much experience with them. Check out the oddysey technical manual. They do into great detail about all the testing done, life cycle vs DOD, mil spec requirements, etc. One such test involves draining to 0%, placing a resistor across the terminals for 30 days, and then charging with a fixed voltage for 24 hours. IIRC, capacity was about 75% of original and improved over the next few cycles.

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