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Chris do not get discouraged with the tacoma site. Your are making a difference over there, by your example.

i always let the fuel nozzle pop off and that's all. gasoline is so volitale that you can loose some if you over fill.

you can go to EM garage at the top of page and publish your fillup numbers.

do you have any way of a real time economy reading, it can really help.

for those who don't:
a vacuum gage has worked for a hundred years.

a 20 megaohm digital volt meter hooked to a front O2 sensor tells you when you are in closed loop. (if it's not warmed up, if you move the pedal too fast or too far, the computer will come out of closed loop) you may able to adjust the linkage on your cruise control so that it cannot open the throttle enough to kick the trans down all the time.

an accurate dwell meter on an injector will tell you the % of time its open.
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