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I'll throw in my five cents:

Red light cameras suck. Period. Numerous studies have shown that they increase the accident rates at the monitored intersections because people slam on the brakes like crazy. (I don't have any links on hand but I can dig them up if so desired.) Instead of installing red light cameras follow the European example and replace intersections with roundabouts, people will be forced to slow down, traffic flow will be smoother, and less people will have to stop when traffic is only light.

Speed cameras: I'm not a big fan of them, but their application makes sense in some locations/under certain circumstances. In other cases their use/abuse as revenue generating tools does nothing for anyone's safety and should be strongly opposed. Let's start with an example of the later: I did a road trip through Finland and they have them every couple hundred yards on their major highways. Personally they drove me nuts because the highway was relatively empty and after a week in a car, I would've loved to be able to reach my destination an hour early every day by just going a few km/h over the speed limit instead of having to crawl along on a mostly empty road. I would've spent less time irritated on the road, driven with more focus and would thus have been a much happier and probably safer driver too, had it not been for the speed cameras. On the other hand there was an intersection near the town I used to live in, that was notorious for it's accidents, especially involving non-locals. It was a pretty dangerous and very hidden-until-the-last-second intersection indeed and all the warning signs put up barely helped any. After two speed cameras and accompanying signs were installed, accidents dropped dramatically. As I said above, I'm not a speed camera advocate and think that most uses, especially on highways, are preposterous revenue generating attempts that do very little for safety. Rather then setting up speed cameras, cities should focus on catching aggressive drivers that think they need to go 80 in 60 mph traffic by lane hopping and tailgating as much as possible (of course that wouldn't generate nearly as much revenue!). However, there are limited legitimate uses of speed cameras and as such they should not be completely ignored as a safety tool.

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