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Lightbulb 80's Checking In

Hello Eco Modders I am Spencer from Santa Barbara.

I Drive an Turbo Charged 5 speed 85 300ZX. Has a CD of .30 and i can almost achieve 30 mpg on the freeway going ~75.

It has the stock NA engine (9:1 Pistons instead of 7.8:1-8.3:1) and I put a factory turbo on it. This gave me more power, with the same economy.

It is my daily driver and i used to drive at least 280 miles each weekend up and down a giant hill. (Santa Barbara to San Bernardino)

I plan on lowering it, installing under body trays, some kind of front dam/Splitter, and a rear diffuser. Also redoing the window seals, removing more weight, etc.

I was originally linked to this site because there are, well lets face it, some funny looking necessary aero mods that people point and laugh at. What some thought funny, I found interesting.

I hope to learn alot and help out as well.

Pic kind of sums things up - Work on my car - Work on my car - Work on my car
(BTW 18 inch wheels are gone)

1995 Volvo 850
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