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Project Update #5 (transparent trailer technology)T-3

I pulled the rig up to nearby cul-de-sac for critical measurements,as I have no concrete surface to work off of yet.----------The startling thing was that I couldn't see any of the trailer.That's a good thing aerodynamically,it was the entire premise for the project.But it gives you the Willies not being able to verify it's presence.---------- So I'm cutting into "poco loco," the boat hull which has been serving as the bedcover for the T-100.I'll create a rear windshield,have already cut away for the side window,and will restore the alcove for the 3rd brake light at the back of the cab,all of which I had in the original shell which has gone to sleep with the goats.---------- Also,I'm going to add a rear dorsal fin and integral red running light to the trailer tail so I'll have a "glimpse" of the silly thing while pulling it.The fin will also help balance crosswind gust loads.------------ Welding is nearly complete.I'm on my second spool of wire.The frames for the side gap-fillers are created,as is the integration-frame which sits where the tailgate normally resides.---------- I was able to recycle the Viking's fiberglass fore-deck which will now make up the tails bellypan section.-------- The fiberglass fairing for the axle is ready to be bonded.----------- Paper patterns have been printed for the leaf-spring and wheel fairings.I will use cedar wood skeletons with attachment hardware already set which receives Styrofoam cut to form and glued on.After shaping these get spar varnish polyurethane blocking to allow for polyester-based body filler( BONDO) and later one layer or fiberglass cloth and resin.These will bolt through the bellypan with large fender washers and nylon locking hex nuts.------------- I installed a swing-away landing gear with wheel and welded in a spare tire mount,both to get some extra tongue weight.------------------ I'm buying brand new wheels and tires and will see about spin-balance for the little donuts.I will drill and tap the wheels in the bead area for attachment of the MOON covers.I will also run inner wheelcovers,they're composite,cast inside a MOON.------------- Some fiberglass hull will be recycled for the trailer body.Some of the body will be formed from R-MAX polyisocyanurate rigid foam insulation board from The Home Depot.These panels will get smothered in fiberglass.-------- I've purchased the lighting kit.-------- Bits and pieces are falling together.I'll get photos up when there is something to show.
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