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It is really like that I guess. Who ya know. I am not one to cheat on things unless it is stonger than norm, I beleive I should be able to go anywhere, it is not the case , especially maine. It is bizarre. the same street could have an impreza bouncing strutless and exhaustless like a clown mobile..and somehow legal... being a former crew chief of a strained kind (we really worked asirplanes old school), there is a life long motivation I am not letting go of. I do believe any machine is possible. It could even be bent in half to recover..

A silly epiphany for me is noticing right next door, a small garage with the state inspectors sign..I mean like less than 50 feet from my window. I have been in the same spot for almost 3 years. I ignore it apparently. I confronted a mechanic yesterday, and I can reschedule, and pay again for another inspection. I even mentioned getting a hard time, for no realistic reason. He seemed to understand right away, as if "no big surprise, it happens all the time." This should not be happening like this..if I had real errors, they have computers and networked and stuff when you finally get a sticker for the year to goes to show the inspection I had recently has nothing written, a true case of getting a hard time with a safe machine... I am going to the towns local police to ask some questions about a true formal complaint this year. I have drawn the line. It is the third year in a row from a brewer maine inspection station... My machine is no joke, dont try to joke about it to the head mechanic. And ya know, there is real laws defending real mechanics.
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