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I finished the coupler. I'd be lying if I said it was easy. First I used chewing gum to hold in the clutch center, but that didn't hold. I tried crazy glue but it just stuck my fingers together. Then I drilled four holes with a new set of drill bits I got at Wal-Mart. Those wood bits I had were taking too long. I started tapping one hole out when I realized I had the wrong size tap. Today, after work, I bought the right tap. I tapped two, then on the third one, SNAP! broke the tap. I had purchased the last tap at Napa Auto so I went to O'Reilly's. None there. Back to the farm supply store where I got the coupler (they are starting to know me there, they must think I'm a farmer) and got another tap. It was half price, should have gone there first. Tapped the fourth one, then spent a good deal of time getting the piece of old tap out of the last hole. Retapped it. Coupler appears solid, but I'm all tapped out....
I started painting the motor. I wasn't going to, but it seems like everyone is doing it. I'm guessing it must increase horsepower, so I'm all for it. I went with OSU orange. Go cowboys.
I'm ready for the adapter plate. I wanted to go with plywood, but since I'm anticipating sparks, I decided against that. I have the template, just need the aluminum plate. Anyone know where I can find aluminum plate?
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