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Originally Posted by Christ View Post
Junk yard. Most of them will sell it to you if you can find it in the yard.

(I mean the places that you take scrap metal to, not salvage yards.)

I think if you used some nice subfloor grade OSB, and a sheet of lauan stained a nice cherry color, it would accentuate that orange of the motor.

Plus, fat people walk on the OSB all the time, and it doesn't spontaneously disintegrate, right?
That reminds me of the time I asked a friend who's a cabinet maker for a scrap piece of wood. He gave me solid oak, just beautiful. I used it for subflooring....
Thanks for the suggestion. I'll call around the scrapyards. Forgot to mention that, in the parlance of the locals, I am "fixin" to buy yet ANOTHER golf cart motor for $25. Now I'll have TWO diminutive motors to play with....
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