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HI ALL heres my ev and the metros

Hi everyone. You all have been all long standing inspiration to me and my quest for FE and a fully functional EV. I have a 1994 Firefly that i have been converting to EV over the last year. Currently my best overall FE on my1995 GEO metro 4dr sedan was 71.33 mpg imp on a 70-80 kph run. Ive been a year long lurker here and have learned a lot but now im here for some answers. My EV is still in the startup phase. I have had a few runs under battery power so far.I have just purchased a pack of Trojan T105s but as yet have not setteled on a charger for the pack. I have found a charger that supplies 12/24/36/48V out @50A with a 110V 15A in for $750 CAD. Yes it is a multi volt charger and yes my elecfly is gonna max out at 48V. I am a mechanic who has gotten sick of the current state of affairs, hence the reason i have joined your merry band of gentelmen. Lookin forward to talking to you all and hopefully I can be a help around here. (I am a journeyman diesel mechanic BTW)

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