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MPGuino problems...please help!

An interesting thing happened; the MPGuino (pre-assembled) completely froze and the only activity on the screen was a flashing cursor block in the top left corner. No response to pulses or switches. Presumably, the code has a little bug somewhere. FYI: The unit was in Instant/Current mode and I wasn't fiddling with it. I was travelling very slowly (0-1mph) and then floored it....MPG registered at 3.15 when the unit froze. The speed was slow and there was a lot of fuel flowing, so I guess that something's dividing by 0 and creating the error. Cycling the power fixed the problem. It has subsequently frozen once more.

Of more concern, the backlight didn't turn off (although set for 7 minutes timeout) the other day. I'd been away for a couple of weeks, so I returned to a flat battery. I've since charged the battery and measured the following:
Brightness 0: 23mA, 1: 48mA, 2: 77mA, 3: 111mA...Then the backlight decided to take a break for a few days, but has started working again.

I want to make some changes to the code, but there's no USB on the pre-assembled board. Do you think I could place the chip into an Arduino Duemilanove board and use that to program it. I'd love to replace the chip with the larger Atmega 328. Is this possible, or would there be issues (such as timers)?

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