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Originally Posted by RH77 View Post
I accidentally had a single-blind test that confirms it for my vehicle...

Under similar weather conditions, an early version of a WAI broke loose and started to inhale cooler air under the front bumper (not freezing cold, but in the 50F-75F range). This was before the SG -- an OBD chip documented the scenario.

It was a couple of weeks before I popped the hood and found the problem. I would like to say that I was accelerating similarly, but I only have incremental speed readings to compare. I filled up and noted the results. With the rough data presented, the conclusion was that the cooler air decreased FE.


Without getting into all the other possible variations between tanks, just try this. Watch your SG when you are accelerating and see if your right foot can sense the difference between 10 & 12 mpg or whatever range you usually try for. The acceleration is what kills mpg so the 20% difference between 10 and 12 can really affect your overall mpg.
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