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Hey Vince, I'm filling in the gaps of a help document right now. Also, I just got my mill converted to CNC. That was really fun. I'm not lying. OK, maybe not "fun". Actually super annoying trying to get everything centered with using a hand drill for making all the holes.

As for CMOS latchup, it hasn't been a problem for Joe running it at 16 Mhz. I've been told that it's often a relatively easy thing to deal with if it were a problem. Since it's not happening, I am not trying to actively fix it. I am learning how to do my own layouts, and I was going to add a couple schottky diodes to protect from spikes in the throttle input in the next version, even though it's not really a problem right now, just to be safe.

I'm also doing a set of gcode files that will be 500 lines or less each, so people can use the free version of Mach 3 if they need to. My gcode will have one more bit change than Adam's, but that's not the end of the world. Also, I've modified the etching a bit for less surface mounting.

My wife set up an online store for our website for anyone that doesn't want to do the precision drilling, ordering of parts from digikey and mouser, etching, ordering control board from a pcb house, etc... We plan on using any money we make to invest in alternate designs and we are trying to get our daughter here from Kenya. She had just gotten off the streets when we met her when we lived there in 2006-2007. It's funny, she always wanted to be a hair dresser/aeronautical engineer/pilot/professional singer/dancer. Once she gets here, any funds made from controller sales would likely go to her recording studio time. hahaha. We had to bring Michael back to Mother Teresa's before coming back to the U.S. because of international adoption law changes (the Hague Laws). All very stupid and unbeneficial to him.

Sabrina set up 2 types of kits. A kit for the soldering impaired and one for people that just want to put everything together themselves. For the do it all yourself kit, all the tools that will be needed will be a wrench, screwdriver, 200 watt soldering gun, and regular soldering iron. For the less adventurous, there is a kit that is quite a bit quicker to put together. You only need a 30 watt soldering iron for that one, and there are only 12 little spots to solder. Maybe we should add a completed controller too.
Here's a link if anyone wanted to see it:
Paul & Sabrina's EV Stuff!

Sorry for the cost, but it's a lot of work. The good news is I believe it's better than a Curtis 1231c.
kits and boards
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