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another way

Originally Posted by cfg83 View Post
Hello -

Thanks for the advice. Since the operative word phrase "if you're doing it right" is in play, I don't think I will try it with our oven. I need room to make mistakes. I would need to find another way to achieve the same thing.

An insulated metal box with ceramic lamp holders and heat lamps can bring a thermoform sheet,as ABS up to it's yield point,where it begins to sag and ready for forming.------- A local shop would secure the sheet to a frame.When ready,the frame was quick-clamped ( all air-ram driven ) over the form and onto the vacuum table.A simple foot-actuated valve enabled vacuum from a large accumulator to communicate with the table,drawing the part down over the perforated pattern.--------- The perforations were very small and prevented any of the material to flash into the voids.------- Within 30-seconds they de-clamped the part and sent it to a trim station where a router,following a trim fixture template cut away any superflous material.------------ It's pretty amazing to watch.You could pull a part the size of Jeep front end in a single piece!
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